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Captain Marvel Offers Unique Backstory

Captain Marvel Offers Unique Backstory

Captain Marvel is an entertaining film that gives a unique backstory to a not well-known comic-book superhero. It gives fans and moviegoers a wonderful, action-packed two-hours.

Captain Marvel played by Brie Larson, is about a soldier with a unique ability, that is left stranded on Earth after tracking down an old foe. There, she is met by Shield agents led by Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson). While Captain Marvel is on Earth, she then discovers that she may have a life on Earth, something that she does not remember.

Overall, I personally enjoyed the film, it was really well done and the acting throughout the course of the movie. The writing in the film was great as well as it told a new origin story about Captain Marvel, who is not as well known in Marvel Comics as Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow and many more.

The CGI in the film was one of the best I had ever seen in a Marvel film as they de-aged Samuel L. Jackson to look a lot younger. Also, all of the vehicles and abilities in the film were life-like as well.

However, there were some major lighting issues in the film. Most of the fight scenes are shot in dark backgrounds and is extremely hard to see what is going on. Another problem with the movie was the pacing of the film. Although the story was well done, it went by very fast and would mention the name of some of the characters once, and that would be the only time they say it.

Despite this, Captain Marvel was extremely fun to watch and I believe many would come out enjoying it. I recommend this film has surpassed my expectations and did a good job as a stand-alone film before the upcoming Avengers movie.

Review Score: 7/10 Good MovieCaptain Marvel: Review

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