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Awaiting a Friendship

Awaiting a Friendship

Alone in first period class, awaiting adolescent arrivals
Tick, Tick, Tick. Time is a turtle’s journey
A curtain of fiery gold locks disrupts my concentration
A polka-dotted face glances in my direction, a smirk creasing the sides
Skinny jeans and checkered slip-ons complement a fall out boy tee

An empty desk hijacked by a youthful presence
Enveloped in a sweet, vibrant aroma layered in earthy tones
Earbuds stripped from listening ears, subtle beats shattering the silence
A silvery voice utters kindly words
Fingers nervously trace the cottony hem of an oversized tee

Forgetting the humdrum and reveling in friendship
Mingling over pizza that is a mariachi band performing on dull taste buds
Sunken sofa and comedy flicks, a remarkable time to never forget
Laughter as loud as a hundred popping balloons
Dancing to music so lively and fierce

Time got away and life interrupted
Memory is a time capsule of thoughts
“Thank you” comes to mind to the girl in 8 th grade
Friendship is a bind rather than a grenade Happy Valentine’s Day

Athena Stephens

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