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Normal’s Rising Star, Tessa Jochum

Normal’s Rising Star, Tessa Jochum

Tessa Jochum, 20, was born and raised right here in Bloomington-Normal. She has been doing makeup artistry since 2015. Following graduation from Normal Community West High School in 2016, she studied  hair, skin, and nails at HairMasters Institute of Cosmetology, Inc. in Bloomington to perfect her makeup skills. Jochum crafts her skills by dipping her hands into various styles of makeup appliance including horror, special effects, and weddings.

Growing up, Jochum always had an artistic side and would doodle on whatever she could get her hands on. Her love for art eventually lead her to explore other options off the canvas.

“I think when I first started I viewed it as another medium because I was always an art kid,” Jochum said, and her introduction to makeup artistry provided a new and interesting way to express herself and showcase her talents.


Shortly after completing high school in the spring of 2016, Jochum immediately went on to HairMaster’s the following week.

“Even if I didn’t enjoy it, it’s always something to fall back on,” Jochum said. She successfully completed her rigorous coursework at HairMaster’s in the summer of 2017 with her license in cosmetology and was ready to get to work.

She landed a job at Fox and Hounds Hair Studio and Day Spa in Bloomington, IL just two months after completing school and was thrilled to be working with others who shared her passion and enthusiasm. “It’s a wonderful work

Tessa Jochum, Makeup Artist

environment, everyone is family,” Jochum said.

Her hard work paid off when she was asked to work alongside one of Fox and Hounds Senior Stylist, Katie Hargan, “I love working with Tessa because she is incredibly helpful, super thoughtful and very sweet, [she is] always looking to take care of everyone,” Hargan said.

Working at the most premier salon in Bloomington has its perks. Last fall Jochum was able to advertise her services through a billboard on Veterans Parkway, advertising the salon’s young associate in her full Halloween getup.

“[She is] just the most creative. She just knows it without even thinking. Tessa knows what she’s talking about.” Hargan added.

While she does feel a sense of pride and joy seeing her clients happy with the finished cut and style, Jochum’s first love will always be makeup.

“I love making people happy but if I could do makeup all day, every day that’s what I would be doing. It’s just something that makes me so happy when I create something and I finish a look at 3 AM and I’m ready to post it to social media,” said Jochum.

While she does heavily promote her looks across social media, don’t expect a YouTube channel anytime soon. While many of today’s makeup artists have gotten their start on the platform, Jochum has expressed no interest in starting her own channel.

Tessa Jochum, Makeup Artist

Jochum’s passion speaks volumes and she wants the industry to step it up.

“I am so passionate about it and I want more. Makeup artistry is about being an artist, creating your own ideas and owning what you do. I hope there are more beauty influencers that take it up a notch, I follow many on social media that deserve so much recognition and praise and I hope they receive it,” she said.

One artist that Jochum does admire is singer, business woman, and creator of FENTY Beauty, Rihanna. Jochum applauds Rihanna’s business ethics and her efforts to create a makeup line to women of all skin tones.

“Rihanna is a businesswoman, she is passionate about makeup, and she cares about her audience. She had a goal, she came out with a massive shade range because her audience is primarily women of darker color.”

“I would cry [laughs],” Jochum said when asked about the possible opportunity of working with Rihanna and her brand in the future.

Most recently Jochum had her own moment of fame. At this year’s Makeup Show in Chicago, Jochum was recognized by a fellow makeup artist and that is what makes this journey all worthwhile. “I wasn’t expecting that to happen, it was crazy. It makes me excited to come back next year because more [fans] might recognize me.” Jochum said.

Tessa Jochum, Makeup Artist

Jochum intends to move to Chicago sometime in 2019 to further her career but beyond that, she isn’t sure where this ride will take her, and she’s okay with uncertainty.

Jochum said, “That’s why I like it, it’s scary but I’m so sure. If I keep working hard it will get me somewhere.”

You can find Tessa and more of her stunning makeup looks on Facebook and Instagram.

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