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Celebrate Friday the 13th With a Tattoo

Celebrate Friday the 13th With a Tattoo

noun: triskaidekaphobia



  1. extreme superstition regarding the number thirteen.
  2. is fear or avoidance of the number thirteen. It is also a reason for the fear of Friday the 13th, called paraskevidekatriaphobia or friggatriskaidekaphobia. The term was used as early as in 1910 by Isador Coriat in Abnormal Psychology.

Local tattoo shops, such as Tattoo the Future in Bloomington, IL Empire Street, celebrate this unlucky day with $13.00 tattoos with a $7.00 tip (for good luck of course). Typically, the artists prepared a flash sheet with pre-drawn designs that they can reproduce quickly and cheaply, leaning towards one or two color, Halloween themed designs with the number 13 in them somewhere.

Many people question why Friday the 13th is celebrated with cheap tattoos. The answer seems to only be speculated. The theory is that tattoo collectors and artists alike consider themselves separated from society. These inky enthusiasts embrace fear and pain, like getting a tattoo itself on the most terrifying of Fridays.

Friday the 13th tattoos are also a fantastic way to entice new clientele and bring in some additional revenue. This scary date maybe the worst date to get a haircut according to superstitious legend, but it is among the top five days to get a tattoo including your birthday and it is also the perfect day to book a super cheap flight.

In some cultures, the number thirteen is considered lucky in contrast to most popular superstitions. It’s also a symbol for life, fertility, and prosperity. What better way to celebrate prosperity, than with a new tattoo? In reality, who is to say that both the number and the tattoos that are equated with a rebellious, taboo nature, aren’t an acceptance of bad luck and misfortune along their journey?

“13” is the most popular number to have inked and stems all the wat back to sailors getting inked on the high seas. You know what they say, beauty is pain, which means that there is beauty in body mutilation. I see these daring tattoo-ridden bodies to be optimists who see the luck in their misfortune, because no matter how bad the situation is, it could always be worse.

So, this Friday the 13th, embrace your fear and get a tattoo, but not a haircut or one of your family members will die. Happy inking!

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