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The Magic of Horseback Riding

The Magic of Horseback Riding

Sweat dripping down my face, dirt on my jeans with the wind blowing in my hair is what I love the most. Horseback riding is a magical experience.

When I’m on my horse I feel so connected to him that it’s unbelievable- changing my breathing just so that it matches up with his. Reading his body movements like they are my own,” said Olivia Meier, staff writer from Hawthorne High and long-time rider.

Being on the back of a horse is the most stress-relieving experience I have ever had. You put all of your trust into a twelve-hundred-pound beast and expect them to be gentle with you. The rush is absolutely petrifying but in a very pure, awe-inspiring way. Animals can be very unpredictable so you must remain focused while riding.

Rockin’ P Public Riding Ranch in Pekin, Illinois

Whether you are a seasoned rider or a first timer, there is a place for you in Pekin, Illinois to unwind and ride. The Rockin’ P Public Riding Ranch does trail rides for the general public eight years old and above. They have about six different options for trail rides to fit your experience and entertainment level. The very basic ride is a 2.3-mile trail and takes about an hour to complete. The guides ensure you are safe and maintain safe riding habits. They will also teach you some basics about horses and control the horse you are on. This ride starts off at $24.00 per person. For more experienced riders, you can up the ante on any trail for 4.00 more per riders, which allows you to be able to pick up the pace. If an hour isn’t enough time on a horse for you, there are two other trails; the 3.3-mile trail which is $32.00 and the 5.8-mile trail which is $42.00 per person.

For those of you that need some adrenaline in your world, there is the Gaited Horse Experience where the horses can be galloped most of the ride. For a 3.3 mile ride, it will cost you $42.00 per person, but you can upgrade the ride to 6 miles for only five dollars more. This option is for experienced riders or the daredevils. Gaited horses have a smoother trot but are not recommended for first-time riders.

The Rockin’ P Public Riding Ranch riding season ends in November, so there is still time to get out and enjoy the ride this year. If your schedule is too busy to squeeze in a ride between now and November, the Ranch opens again this April. So, whether you’re a novice rider or you’ve been riding for years, The Rockin’ P Public Riding Ranch is the place to go.

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