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Mindful Movement

Mindful Movement

As the American education system continues to change and evolve, we must innovate through the lens of a scientist.  What can we do as educators to better our society? 

Many schools throughout the United States have developed their own theory which has been proven effective after many trials.  Their solution is to incorporate a practice by the name of Mindfulness into their everyday curriculum to help improve attention, emotional regulation, compassion, and resilience.

Stated by, “Healthy stress is a natural part of life.  Children and adults alike need to be challenged in order to grow and develop.  However, in the modern education system, healthy stress is frequently displaced by toxic stress. Toxic stress occurs when life’s demands consistently outpace our ability to cope with those demands.”

An up and coming organization, Mindful Schools, developed in hopes to minimize these struggles by persuading schools to incorporate certain exercises into their everyday curriculum.  These meditation-like exercises develop moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, emotions, sensations, and the surrounding environment.   Not only does this eliminate everyday toxic stress, but it also promotes a nurturing and positive mind.

Since all of these qualities are important in creating a healthy school environment, we must give the mindfulness movement some momentum.

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