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The ‘Grey’s’ Effect

The ‘Grey’s’ Effect

March 27, 2005 was the beginning of something that would inevitably change society in the United States, Grey’s Anatomy. The TV show glorifies medicine and the careers of those that work in hospitals. If you’re like some people I know, you believe that the show is highly unrealistic. Which, in most cases, it truly is. However, in my opinion, certain friendships and relationships in the show are more realistic than those that you’d find in the latest movie or book. Although the Meredith and McDreamy love story is about enough to make anybody cringe.

Grey’s Anatomy may just be a show to you but to many others it’s so much more. I know people that are seriously considering medical school all because they began to watch the show and truly believe that the show realistically represents careers in medicine. That’s a joke, right? Wrong. There are many doctors across the United States that have made statements about how they see a rise in the number of people that become doctors and are disappointed to find out that it is, in fact, nothing like Grey’s Anatomy plays it out to be. This isn’t the only effect the show has had on our society, either.

The doctors that are portrayed on the TV show have led people to believe that’s how doctors are in real life. In a study done at the University of Illinois, it was found that people who are fanatics of Grey’s Anatomy, truly believe or hope that the show portrays realistic doctor-patient relationships, when in reality, it does not. Hollywood has so much power in society that it’s literally convincing people that these interactions portrayed on the show are real. People believe that you can cut LVAD wires and still practice medicine. They believe you can tamper with actual clinical trials and your boss, that had an affair with your mother and ruined your childhood, would be able to bail you out of trouble. Believe it or not, people truly believe these things happen. Crazy, right?

The sad reality of all of this is, doctors and medicine are nothing like how they are portrayed on television. If you’re a patient, that’s probably a good thing to you. However, if you’re planning to become a doctor because of the show, then you’re in for a rude awakening when you start your internship and find out that Grey’s Anatomy, is indeed, just another TV show.


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