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TSM Beats Cloud 9 to Become Spring Split Champions

TSM Beats Cloud 9 to Become Spring Split Champions

In an astounding five-game match at the NA LCS Spring Grand Finals, Team Solo Mid (TSM) faced off against Cloud 9. Both teams fought their hardest, but in the end, it was TSM who came out victorious.

The first two games were decisive victories that belonged to TSM. They crushed Cloud 9 in a little over twenty minutes both times and threatened to make this the shortest match in NA LCS Spring Split history. However, Cloud 9 fought back hard taking the next two games for themselves. By the final game, it was anyone’s match.

Game five was the closest match between the two teams as the previous four had been leaning heavily on either side. It all came down to one decisive fight over the Elder Dragon when Cloud 9 was up three thousand gold with a baron buff in their pockets.

TSM was able to win the fight with their disengagement spells. They viciously assaulted the battered and bruised Cloud 9 who was desperately trying to get away after the fall of their mid-laner C9 Jensen. TSM didn’t let up and took down three members of Cloud 9 to secure their victory and become the Spring Split Champions

TSM Bjergsen is the mid-laner for his team and has won four championships out of the five his team has competed in.

“I think the reason the team always does well is because of Reginald,” Bjergsen told Riot, “Because every time we struggle, he steps in and reinforces those rules and the mindset of how to look at the game.”

TSM is now considered the best team in the NA LCS having protected their crown from Cloud 9 who took the loss pretty hard.

C9 Jensen said in a tweet, “I always fall short when it matters the most. I’m sorry to all my fans and especially my team. Game 5 was 100% on me.”

The fans and the team were quick to comfort the Cloud 9 member.

“We win as a team and we lose as a team. Nobody
blames you and I’m incredibly impressed at how much you’ve grown as a teammate,” said Jack Etienne, the CEO and co-founder of Cloud 9.

The Mid-Season Invitational is just around the corner and there is a lot of work to be done before then. Everyone is looking forward to seeing their favorite teams compete and to see how much they will improve after this event.












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