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The Popularity of LuLaRoe

The Popularity of LuLaRoe

Some of you may have heard of LuLaRoe – Where Fashion Meets Comfort – a clothing company that is available via its various independent fashion consultants. Local Morton LuLaRoe consultant Maranda Joos started selling with the company when they were started to become popular, and shared her first moment coming across the clothing brand.

“I saw LuLaRoe on a multivendor Facebook page, and thought the clothes were cute,” Joos said. “What really caught my attention was when I realized they came in sizes flattering for all women.”

That’s part of the allure of the LuLaRoe products – all the clothes range in sizes between XXS-3XL and the leggings come in one size or tall and curvy. And the clothes are known for their comfortability, which is making them spread like wildfire. Women are investing to become consultants all over the place, even though it cost over $5,000.

“My husband encouraged me to get involved,” said Joos. “He walked into one of the pop-up party’s I was at, and saw all of the people. He immediately told me that I needed to do this. I told him it wasn’t something that was $99 – it was a huge investment – he was like yea, there’s a reason for that. I signed up right away.”

Even though LuLaRoe has received some negative backlash recently due to product quality, they are still going strong. The consultants who choose to stick with it have a chance to really make a living if they want to.

“As soon as I signed up, I started my Facebook group to start networking, even though I was waiting to onboard and order my clothes,” explained Joos. “I posted product giveaways, information about the products and videos to spread awareness for when my first order arrived.”

That’s what LuLaRoe is all about with the different consultants bringing their different skills to the table, helping to bring the products to customers a variety of different ways – which works out to an advantage because of the exclusivity.

“LuLaRoe is unique because there are only 5,000 articles of clothing made for each print, so they’re exclusive,” said Joos. “It’s not a bunch of people all with the same thing.”

For now, they seem to have found a winning combination because the clothes won’t be going anywhere soon. Go to for more information.

To find a LuLaRoe consultant near you, please visit

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