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Shiver Me Tinder – And Other Bad Online Pick Up Lines

Shiver Me Tinder – And Other Bad Online Pick Up Lines

A girl can’t help but physically cringe when she’s online dating and receives the poorly executed pick-up line. And it’s crazy to say that I am becoming a collector of weird pick-up lines and crazy Tinder experiences.

Swipe left, swipe right. Meeting and dating people has been reduced to these simple motions, and for those of us who aren’t on campus every day, and who have limited options elsewhere. And as a newly single, twenty-eight-year-old woman who doesn’t want to go to the bar to meet people, I was curious about online dating and what the best avenue would be.

Imagine my surprise when I discuss with my friends to learn that the lines between “dating websites” and “hook-up apps” have begun to blur. One of my friends shared her experience with, where she was mainly propositioned for meeting and hooking up, as opposed to meeting your soulmate as the website advertises.

Now, we all know the stigma about Tinder – it’s the app that everyone goes to when they want to try and find someone to hook up with. The big draw for me? It’s free, and simple…and I really have nothing to lose at this point. So I went ahead and signed up.

Let’s just say that Tinder isn’t just a hook-up app anymore. At least, the various types of guys and girls that I have found myself talking to aren’t just proposing one night hook-ups. I have found myself on interesting dates, hang outs, hikes and other adventures so far.

As a woman, I think that venturing into the world of online dating isn’t a terrible idea, especially if you want to get out there and meet new people. But, it doesn’t hurt to be smart. Here are a few tips I have put together to navigating the weird world of online dating, specifically Tinder. There is no exact method to the madness – but you can at least try to have fun with it.

Stay Aloof – You Don’t Want to Close Yourself Off

When talking to these new people and potential companions, I have found that remaining aloof about what you’re looking for allows you the freedom and options to chat and meet with different types of people. When you post on your profile that you’re only open to hooking up, or serious relationships, then you will only get matched with certain people that are interested in that.

I went into this with the idea that I just wanted to meet people, and see where it would go. I have had many interesting conversations, a handful of interesting meet-ups and only a few bad eggs. You would be surprised what you can find out there.

Be Open Minded – But Know Your Limits

You’ll come across a lot of different types of people.  It’s important when you get started to know what you’re comfortable with and what you’re not. Being aloof and keeping your options open is great, but you also need to know where to draw the line.

If you know that a hook-up is an absolute no-go, then be prepared to have the conversation to shut that down. My personal experience was being approached by men that were in polyamorous relationships. Since being involved with someone who is seriously romantically involved with someone else is way beyond my comfort zone, I had to have the awkward conversation and shut that down right away.

Don’t Be Stupid – And Be Safe

Probably the worse rookie mistake ever was made for my first meet-up, and that was having the guy meet me at my house. This situation was probably a worst-case scenario – and I won’t go into the details – but things between him and I didn’t end amicably. Nothing ever came of this situation, but I don’t take comfort in the idea in random people knowing where I live.

Meeting up with strangers from the internet is NOT a safe practice, and you never know, especially as a woman, how things can end up…so it’s better safe than sorry. On top of that, I would suggest making sure you have mace, and perhaps a whistle for going out in general – but specifically for meeting up. Take precautions, but also remember to have fun. If anything, you’ll at least get some fun stories out of it.

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