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Defend Yourself

Defend Yourself

With April being Sexual Awareness Month, HCC has offered two sessions of self-defense classes to help students learn how to defend themselves when facing an assault.

Jeremy Butler, the owner and head instructor of Pagoda Rebirth Martial Arts and Fitness, was invited by Anita Moore and Keith Gehrand to help bring this project to fruition for the Sexual Awareness Month.

Butler, who is actually a policeman, said that it has been 12 years since he started teaching martial arts, because it has always been his passion and he likes the impact it has on people; such as people who thought they were weak can actually defend themselves.

He said that it was his first time doing this at HCC, but he will not hesitate to come back if we need him again. In addition, instead of one class as planned, they had to spread them in two because of the number of requests.

You can contact him for additional classes at (773) 412-8958.

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