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Start Thinking Beyond Your Walls and Outside the Box

Start Thinking Beyond Your Walls and Outside the Box

Take a guided tour at Heartland Community College through three activities representing the experiences of marginalized groups. The event is an interactive experience that seeks to foster empathy, get you out of your comfort zone, and help you to become more open-minded and aware of diversity.

Boxes and Walls has been featured at colleges and universities around the country and has successfully increased exposure to a wide range of experiences which helps deconstruct barriers within higher education. This year you will take part in 3 different demographic experiences on campus:

  • Disability Support

learn about different levels of abilities and skills, and real world implications.

  • Tutoring Services

be guided through an interactive Outsider Room Experience.


hear peer stories of coming out, and how that journey has impacted them.


To attend, please sign up for a session here:

By attending, you earn 2 punches on your frequent flyer card.

Sign up today!
-Student Engagement Office

SCB 1606 – (309) 268-8026

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