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ISU Drag Show Hosted by Sharon ShareAlike

ISU Drag Show Hosted by Sharon ShareAlike

The ISU Drag Show hosted by Sharon ShareAlike is one of the biggest LGBT fundraisers in the Midwest. The show was a huge success, selling out all its tickets! Teachers, students, and families regardless of sexual orientation went out to show their support. Events like these mean a lot to the performers.

Rose, a performer at the drag show said, “Drag is an expression of art. You can do whatever you want and we do it for the people.”

Rose received a lot of love during and after her performance. Like a lot of the girls, she had a hard time growing up. Rose mentioned being a victim of sexual assault.

“Through drag, I was able to create a character that was strong enough to take care of themselves,” Rose recalls.

At events like these we must remember that the support we give is important. Coming out isn’t easy and having the courage to do what the Drag Queens do on stage is inspiring to everyone.

Valerie Madro, the Historian of the ISU Pride Club said, “You can do what you want. You can be yourself. It’s okay to be yourself.”

ISU Drag Show Participant

Everyone does drag for different reason and it’s different for everyone. ShareAlike has been doing drag for almost twenty years. No doubt she’s come across a wide variety of people from different backgrounds.

“A lot of people have different things that they like about drag. We have dancers. Tonight, we had a live singer,” said ShareAlike.

One can’t help, but wonder what drag means personally to the performers. Monica Beverly Hillz was a guest at the show. She appeared on season five of Ru Paul’s Drag Race. Her upbringing isn’t the most pleasant of stories and was constantly the victim of physical as well as verbal bullying in her younger years. She faced discrimination at her job. To survive, she did things she wasn’t proud of, but she’s come a long way since then.

ShareAlike mentions that drag can be used as coping mechanism. “You can use drag as kind of an outlet, if you’re going through a problem or something, if you break up with somebody you can do all these sad songs…”

ShareAlike says the bond she has with these girls is like a family. She has several of what she refers to as “drag daughters.” Last night, we met Auntie Heroine ShareAlike who recently became one of ShareAlike’s drag daughters. The family aspect is what seems to bring a lot of the drag performers peace of self and peace of mind.

“It’s a chance to be a personality other than yourself. On stage, you’re somebody a lot bigger, exciting,” said ShareAlike.

That much was definitely true. The performers really expressed themselves to the fullest, wowing us with their radiant colors. It was an experience we’ll not soon forget and a memory we will all hold dear to our hearts. Follow Sharon ShareAlike on Facebook to find out when you can see them next.

Sharon ShareAlike Interviews a Drag Show Participant

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