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The Not Anymore Program is an online interactive learning tool that launched into student’s Blackboard accounts in January of this year. It was then that students started receiving emails about the program, asking for it to be completed and promising an entry for a prize if it was completed by a certain date. This program was launched to help students learn more about the College’s policy on sexual misconduct, and has been an open tool for students who need it.

“The Not Anymore program was offered to students in response to requirements from state and federal mandates on sexual violence.  Both the Illinois Preventing Sexual Violence in Higher Education Act and Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act require that colleges and universities provide prevention and awareness training different topics including consent, bystander intervention, healthy relationships, risk reduction strategies, and other areas,” said Anita Moore, Dean of Student Support Services.

While they aren’t sure if this is something that will be mandated every semester, Student Support Services is looking for a way to incorporate this more so that students have better access to it.

“We are in discussions about how to build these resources into our co-curricular offerings,” said Moore. “One route we are considering is embedding it into new student orientation or our general studies program.”

The goal of the program was to help educate students about these topics more, so that they had a place to go and learn about these subjects that were readily available. When the program was first launched, Student Support Services offered the chance to be entered into a drawing for a prize if the training was completed by a certain date. This was to help stimulate foot traffic to the training.

“The prizes were an extra incentive to increase student interest in the program.  The use of prizes will likely continue to be a part of our strategy going forward,” said Moore. “…I don’t know the reasons students completed the program, we did see a spike in completions near the deadline to be entered into the drawing.”
Even though the drawing is now over, Not Anymore is still available on Blackboard for students to take, and still holds promise with its message. Every student should take the time to go check it out and see what it has to say. Some of the facts may be surprising.

“In the weeks following the launch of Not Anymore, we have seen an increase in the number of reported incidents of sexual misconduct,” said Moore. “All of the reported incidents happened off-campus but the reporting shows a heightened awareness to these matters and hopefully, more knowledge about how to prevent and respond to them.”

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