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Outsiders: Why You Should Climb Shay Mountain

Outsiders: Why You Should Climb Shay Mountain

Outsiders started on WGN America in 2016 with a storyline shroud in mystery. On the one side is the Farrells – a family of mountain folk separated from society living off of a mountain in the Appalachians, and on the other is the town that sits at the base of the mountain, who has heard the whispers of the family and their power, but falls behind a national mining company who wants to evict the mountain residents and strip the mountain for its coal.

The Farrells have raised their clan on Shay Mountain for over 200 years, and find their entire way of life threatened when the mining company and the Sherriff’s department leave an eviction notice for them at the bottom of the mountain. The residents of the mountain town Blackburg, KY, feel as though the mining company is a godsend because they are promising to bring jobs to men in the town.

The Farrell family also is experiencing inner turmoil at the beginning of the show as well. They have a lost cousin returned, Asa Farrell, who left many years ago to live in normal society. Son of the leader – or Bren’in – believes Asa is a traitor to the family because of this and has him locked up. It is only when he reads the eviction notice and Bren’in Lady Ray believes he is their prophesized leader that he is let free and let back into the family.

Lady Ray also announces that she will no longer be renouncing her power to her son, Big Foster, so that she can help lead her people during this harrowing time. Big Foster doesn’t take too kindly to this news, and recruits a bunch of his men to go on a run into town; which ultimately results in the death of his youngest son.

There is also Deputy Sherriff Wade Houghton, who is fighting with addiction and his past demons at home and with the Farrell family. He is one of the police officers tasked with removing the Farrells from Shay Mountain. As the show develops, we come to find out he is terribly frightened of the Farrells, and their rumored “power” that they draw from the mountain.

The conflict and the drama continue throughout the first season, available on Hulu, and into season two, which recently premiered at the beginning of this year. The show features Ryan Hurst, star from Sons of Anarchy, as Little Foster eldest son of Big Foster, Gillian Alexy as G’Winveer, the love interest of both Asa and Little Foster, and David Morse as Big Foster.

The show has been receiving positive feedback, and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere fast. I rate the show 4.2 stars, and encourage anyone who likes an interesting story line, or learning about counter culture to check it out.

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